Pipe Bending Department

מחלקת כיפוף צנרת

Incomac-Blocker specializes in pipe bending and processing. The company has four bending machines that can adapt to most existing pipes. The innovative combination of tube lasers alongside the bending machines creates many diverse possibilities, allowing us to provide punched profiles with bending efficiently and quickly according to the client’s specifications. In the department, it is […]

Fasteners Department

A variety of machines for embedding different sized fasteners manufactured by HAEGER. Pleasant manual capacity for complex parts. Professional and skilled staff.

Roll-Forming Department

ערגול,אינקומק,אינקומק בלוקר

Roll Forming is a fast and effective profile production method designed to manufacture large quantities of profiles (Mass Production). The profiles can be in any shape with punching during the process. The process begins by building and adapting the machine to the type of rolls by making unique rolls that form the shape of the […]

Painting Department

Electro-static (powder) and wet painting takes place in two separate areas, with separate preparation and shielding rooms. The painting chambers have ventilation and air compression systems, shielding, pre-painting preparations and scraping to obtain a highest quality surface. We are certified to service Elbit, IAI, Ministry of Defense and some of the leading hi-tech companies in […]

Welding Department

מחלקת ריתוך, אינקומק בלוקר

Welding Robotic welding chamber. 11 welding stations. Eight certified welders and three 2-CO welders. Ventilation and air-conditioning system for each closed welding chamber in the hall to allow top quality. There is a crane-mounted transportation system. Grindings 2 Polishing systems Latest model GRIND MASTER with brushes. Regular GRIND MASTER. Metal size 1250 wide. Six professional […]

Assembly Department

The Assembly department employs the best professionals and experts in mechanical assembly, who assemble machines, cables, and electronics, providing assembly services for various systems subjected to integration tests and sent directly to clients overseas.

Bending Department

מחלקת כיפוף, שירותי לייזר, ניקוב, כיפוף, ריתוך, צביעה ועוד.

The factory holds a large-scale bending system that can bend complex and complicated parts – small and large. One of the few in Israel – An automatic bending center by the PRIMA company. Fully automated, including loading and a robotic working arm. The bending department numbers about eight new and large bending machines with a […]

CNC Department

עיבוד שבבי,אינקומק,אינקומק בלוקר

The department has 4 milling machines, 4 axels, automated lathe, and conventional mills and lathes. In the department machining works are carried out by a skilled team of programmers and millers.

Laser &
Punching Department

אלקטרוני,אינקומק,אינקומק בלוקר

In the factory there are several laser cutting systems: – Trumpf profile laser cutting machine, including automatic loading – FIBER Prima laser cutting machine with metal stacks – New! 6.6KW Tin cutting machine – Trumpf laser cutting machine -Trumpf punching machine -FINNPOWER punching machine

Engineering Department

The engineering department numbers five experienced engineers who are well-versed in all aspects of electronic packaging. Our engineers will provide you with knowledge and many years of experience gained from a wide variety of complex work to assist in developing and finding intelligent engineering solutions—the engineering staff plans and development according to the client’s requirements […]

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