About Incomac Blocker

אינקומק בלוקר בע"מ

The “Incomac-Blocker” company was established in 1978 and was purchased in 2012 by the Trellidor group, one of the largest and oldest metal groups in the Israeli economy. In the past, the company was called only “Incomac.” After its acquisition, the company merged with a department called “Blocker,” which has unique technological means which expand the company’s services and enable a comprehensive response to its customers. Incomac-Blocker employs about 100 professional employees out of the group’s approximately 900 employees in an advanced factory located in a large industrial zone in Karmiel. The company has some of the world’s most advanced equipment and mechanization and offers laser, punching, CNC processing, and more.

The company “Incomac Blocker” specializes in electronic packaging, sheet metal work, and precise machining for high-tech, defense, and medical companies. Aerospace Industries, the Navy, Elbit, Flextronics, Ofgal, Sanmina, Matan, and more are among its clients.
Also, the company has dedicated production lines (Mass Production) for producing profiles using the method of forming, punching, and bending pipes for several large companies, including Keter Plastic, Stanley, and Palram.


Production Outline
The production utilizes a unique computing system specially made for the production of advanced electronic packaging, with unique solutions which constitute an advantage for our clients. In addition, the production floor and specifications are synchronized in a computerized tracking system.


Additional Services
An advanced Production, Planning, and Control system with control and inspection of every item on the production floor together with personal client support. A Quality Control system, inspection reports, certified operators, and a supporting control system. An Engineering Department with extensive experience in process planning and providing content services to the client for planning and production. Receiving comprehensive design and production services under one roof is possible until you receive the final product.

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